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You submit your accounting in your personal account and we will look over your shoulder.


User friendly online account so your accounting costs as little time and money as possible.


We make sure together that you never miss a deadline from the Tax Office (Belastingdienst).

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Is your business subject to Sales Tax?

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How many partners does the VOF count?

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What is the ICP/ICL return frequency?

You are obliged to file a return ICP for intra-Community supplies, intra-Community services and the movement of your own goods to another EU country

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Income Tax return for your Tax Partner?

Not applicable for Foundation/Association

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Is your Tax Partner an Individual or an Entrepreneur?

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Send us an email: or call 040 - 7877 975

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Is there immigration or emigration?

This applies for you or your tax partner during this financial year

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How many directors does the Limited Company have?

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Is the Foundation subject to Corporation Tax?

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Would you like to use our handy invoicing-quotation-module?

First year for free after that €5 /month (Included free of charge with BV and Foundation)

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Is the OVOB-regulation (new KOR) applicable?

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What is the frequency for your Sales Tax returns?

The frequency of your Tax Returns is set by the Tax Office (Belastingdienst)

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Does the business earn revenue outside NL within the EU?

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Included are:

  • Your creative accountant
  • access to mijnCB
  • Income Tax return
  • Sales Tax return
  • The company’s annual reports
  • Support and End of Year check
  • Corporation tax return
  • Unlimited number banking transactions
  • Project management
  • Kilometre record
  • At all times insight into your figures & results
  • Quotations and Invoicing (optional)


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We love accounting...

Since 2000 we inspire entrepreneurs to dream big and aim high, so you do what your heart desires.

We understand your goals as a human being and an entrepreneur. We take away your worries about your Accounting and Tax Returns.

Frequently asked questions

As a client do I still need a accountant?

Our services are including an accountant who keeps an eye on your accounting, checks your entries and provides you with advice. We produce the company’s annual report and file the tax returns on time.

We have business partnerships so for many disciplines we can offer the appropriate support, tailored for the creative entrepreneur.

My Tax Return for the preceding financial year has not been filed (correctly). Can Creatieve Boekhouding help me?

For sure, we can file or resubmit the Tax Returns for the last five financial years.

We will ask for the needed documents and the rates shall be fixed in agreement.

When I sign-up for Creatieve Boekhouding what happens next?

If you are a new client at Creatieve Boekhouding we will need some information.  Next you will receive your login and personal account in mijnCB, our online platform.

From then on you can simply submit your accounting so we can get to work for you.

How can I cancel my account at Creatieve Boekhouding?

If you no longer need our services, for example if you close down your business you can cancel our partnership at any time.

You are not stuck in a contract. Your subscription can be canceled monthly.

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