Creatieve Boekhouding
the accountant for creatives in the Netherlands

Complete solution
  • Sole Proprietorship , VOF, Limited Companies and Foundations
  • Creatieve Accountant included
  • Needed expertise included
  • Reliable Accountant
  • Your questions answered directly
  • Dutch and English linguistic
  • Personal consultations
  • FAQ’s
  • Grip on your accounting
  • Efficient
  • Annual report
  • Project management
Tax returns
  • Sales Tax (BTW)
  • Income Tax
  • Tax Partner
  • Corporation Tax
Personal account
  • Dutch or English account
  • Personal message box
  • Reminders
  • Insights into your Business results
Invoices and Quotations
  • Personalised Brand Identity
  • Unlimited Invoicing
  • Convert your Quotes into Invoices
  • Reminder for outstanding Invoices
Bank movements
  • Easy import
  • Set your personal preferences
  • Unlimited number of bank movements
  • We work with all banks
  • Areas of concern
  • Deadline for submitting your accounting
  • Handy reminders
Cooperating partners
  • Legal services
  • Mortgage advice
  • Insurances
  • Payroll accounting

Accounting with mijnCB

Personal account in mijnCB

You login to your secure online environment mijnCB from where you have access to your accounting.

Your attention is asked only when needed.

Your complete accounting is accessible

Easily import your bank movements

By saving your personal preferences you record your journal entries in no time.

Complete overview of your results and projects.

Are you interested in knowing how much revenue, costs or profits your business made?

Naturally you can view actual results.

Send your Quotations and Invoices (optional)

With the invoicing module you can simply send invoices using your Brand Identity.

The invoice created is automatically linked to your accounting.

Notifications for important deadlines

Never too late submitting your Tax returns. When we need something from you, you will receive timely notifications.

When we have completed your returns we will inform you directly.

Secured storage for documents

The submitted tax returns and other documents are stored in the secure environment of your account.

This avoids forwarding confidential information via email.

FAQ’s and your personal message box

The answers to standard questions are directly accessible through our FAQ’s.

If you have any other questions you get a direct response.


We offer you many ways to contact us. If possible we answer your questions directly. 

Message via mijnCB

Ask your question via your personal account.


Call us via  040-78 77 975

Introductory Consultation Online

Consultation via Skype

Introductory Consultation offline

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